1996 – Start of activities.


    2 years project, financed by PHARE:

  • 2500 students studied at courses of the Estonian language, 85% of them passed through the examination from the first time
  • About 1000 persons received psychological or legal assistance
  • 10 seminars for the teachers of English held by local experts
  • 4 similar international seminars were held by experts from Danish partner NGO CASA
  • Children from special boarding school No 3, as well as students of Tallinn’s school No 63 with speaking and hearing disabilities were assisted in studying Estonian
  • A group of young deaf and dumb people were taught Estonian
  • Experience’s exchange seminar was held in Denmark in Aug 1998


    The Centre was financed by the city authorities:

  • About 1000 people finished the courses of Estonian
  • Legal consultations for appr. 200 persons
  • During a project, sponsored by the British embassy, a group people with speaking and hearing disabilities was prepared in February for May’s examination. In May they passed the examination for a working category successfully
  • In June there is a reference book about Estonia published
  • November – December: a computer classroom is equipped


    The Centre is financed by itself and through separate short-term projects:

  • September 1999 through September 2000 – participation in project «50% money back for successful education». he Social Initiative Centre has received special honors among the best 10 organisations: I place in Tallinn by the results of the examinations; III place in Tallinn by the amount of students; IV place in the republic among the teachers to the Centre’s teacher Ms. Tatiana Shchipletsova
  • From March till May – creation of computer software for testing Estonian. The project financed by the embassy the Netherlands
  • July-August – joint project with the Dept of the Youth of Tallinn in arranging city summer camps
  • May-July – 100 unemployed are taught within PHARE project in Maardu and Loksa
  • May -October – publishing of the book «Legal advice by a lawyer», providing legal assistance within a project, sponsored by the embassy of the Netherlands
  • May 25: arranging «Open door Day» in Tallinn’s Centre, the presentation of the computer programme
  • In September – Issue No 23 of a magazine Centers for Pluralism Newsletter with an article about the Centre’s activities
  • 1998-2000 a network of local branches of the Social Initiative Centre for Integration (SICI) is created: Tallinn’s SICI, Narva SICI, Sillamäe SICI, Paldiski SICI, Pärnu SICI, Tartu: «Noorte tulevik»


  • The center keeps working on self-financing basis and some short-term projects being one of five best companies in Tallinn. During the year more than 500 people finished the center and prepared for taking examination for citizenship.
  • The work within the framework of the project «50% money back for the successful education» is going on. The project is financed by PHARE fund through the Fund of non-Estonian Integration
  • May, September – the summer project of teaching Estonian for teachers of Russian schools, partially financed by Education Department. The number of participants – 60 people
  • November 2000 – May 2001 – work with the project «Legal help -2». In the framework of the project the lower of the center issued the book «On the way to EU» The author touched the following subjects – Citizenship and foreigners, Language, Cultural autonomy and national minorities. Financed by the Netherlands Embassy
  • At the end of the year the Center concluded the agreement with the Embassy of the Netherlands about teaching Estonian for the teachers of Russian schools


  • During the year the Center was attended by 4300 people
  • The work within the framework of the project «50% money back for the successful education» is going on. The project is financed by PHARE fund through the Fund of non-Estonian Integration
  • December 2001- December 2002 – Estonian Language courses for the 100 teachers of Russian schools. Financed by the Embassy of the Netherlands
  • April -October – publication of 4 annexes in Russian with comments of the Center’s lower devoted to the problems of the local government in the local newspaper «The Capital». Financed by the local government
  • June -August – opening the summer integration camp for children. The project; Summer, town children and integration 2002 was financed by the Embassy of the Netherlands
  • November – concluded the agreement with the above Embassy regarding financing the project «The first step to the citizenship»,the aim of which- solving the problems of non-citizenship in co-operation with the union «The future citizens of ESTONIA»


  • The project “First step to citizenship” began successfully, in the framework of which 300 person were prepared for passing an examination on Constitution and Estonian laws knowledge, there were given the lecture series of the history, culture and traditions of country, about the state structure, about problems of the European Community etc. In May all participants have successfully passed the examination, have executed the tests for knowledge of the state language, participated in various polls and monitoring, in meetings with public, city and republic figures
  • June-August – in the city newspaper “Stolitsa” issued 2 Appendixes in Russian «Tallinn Citizens in European Union» with the lawyer’s of centre commentaries. The draft was financed by City Government
  • In September began the second phase of the project “First step to citizenship” – preparing for examination on state language knowledge


  • In January began the project “Equal possibilities for all” financed by the Dutch fund – the computer learning and work Internet network, which has been directed on aged persons and people with hearing and speech problems from Russian families
  • Since January from the City budget were continued the financing of the project “Second step to citizenship”, within the framework of which 300 city people have a possibility to be prepared for examination on state language knowledge
  • In August was received the notification on financing the project “There are the possibilities in life” within the framework of European program Access 2002, in which people with problems of hearing and speech from Russian families get professional training that increases their competitiveness on a labour market
  • Three more projects, which purpose is social protection of non-native population of Estonia and equal possibilities on a labour market, are prepared and sent on consideration to the European structural funds


  • Within 12 months there is training on professional skills of people with problems of hearing and speech from Russian families. They can study a computer, photo, Estonian language, bases of business and the legislation, to study on courses of floristic, needlework, silk and porcelain drawing, to pass psychological and physical rehabilitation within the framework of project PHARE Access 2002
  • There are created 34 additional places for training in the given project which are financed by the Ministry of social affairs from fund of gambling
  • In August began the project «Social integration of people with problems of hearing and speech to the society». 40 % of the project is financed by Embassy of Kingdom Netherlands, 60 % – the Ministry Social affaires
  • The project provides to consider questions of employment of target group, rendering the legal, psychological help, and also consultation of teachers in questions of education of children. Will take place the course Estica where it is possible to learn about the history, the nature, traditions of Estonia, some trips to national parks and excursions in historical places are organized. Will continue the studying of Estonian language, the purpose is learn to read and understand written speech. Took place the work with group of volunteers, studied the gesture language, they can be translators and assistants not only during the project


  • Continuing the project for the social integration of people with hearing and speech problems insociety. 16 people were in practice in Germany
  • In August 2006 began a project to use the system methodology with the introduction of the labour market unemployed people with impairments of Russian families “(programme of the European Social Fund” equal opportunities on the labour market “). Under this project the deaf residents of Tallinn, Maardu, Narva and Sillamye received the opportunity to attend courses in occupations: Baker-pastry hotels (maid service housing associations, General construction. For builders were carried out driving, in which 10 people received driving liecence. For all courses, besides Estonian and Russian language,were used the services of interpreters
  • The Centre of public initiatives is only organization dealing with problems of Russians people with physical disabilities
  • All services provided to people with hearing and speech problems of Russians families in this project have been free of charge


  • Since January till June 2008, the Department of cultural property of the city of Tallinn supported Club for Russian Deaf in Estonia


  • In May 2009 began a new 3-year project in the Meede 1.3.1, funded by the European Social Fund. It is a logical continuation of work on the draft 2006-2007


  • 20-месячный проект, который финансирует Европейский социальный фонд в рамках программы «Увеличение предложений квалифицированной рабочей силы» Meede 1.3.1 для безработных людей в возрасте от 50 до 74 лет.